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Little Buddha - Movie - Keana Reeves

Little Buddha watch online movie part 1

Little Buddha watch online movie part 2

Little Buddha watch online movie part 3

Little Buddha watch online movie part 4

Little Buddha watch online movie part 5

Little Buddha watch online movie part 6

Little Buddha watch online movie part 7

Little Buddha watch online movie part 8

Little Buddha watch online movie part 9

Little Buddha watch online movie part 10

Little Buddha watch online movie part 11

Little Buddha watch online movie part 12

Little Buddha watch online movie part 13

* see what i meant...minnimusa is somewhat correct regarding the story..well, very important bits are missed in the sidhartha's life....but it doesn't doesn't
thanks for the post..

* i have watched this movie thanks for uploading.....i am not happy with this film cause there are somethings which is not ture and really made me shocked...

part 10

Comments from you tube

part 1

* Thanks very much for uploading this.

* beautiful movie..Love everything in the film

* do you have this movie in spanish??

* Keana Reeves is in dis lol. Beautiful movie =)

* i have been searching for this movie for a year or 2...thank you so much.

Part 2

* i hate the indirect unwelcomeing feeling you get from american behavior when people enter their home....i am american myself but i am more well traveled and educated about other customs,,,

* Did anyone else notice too that when those Buddhist monks are in her house, talking with her and her husband. Right then it shows that they are leaving but this time many monks gets out of the house while there is no husband of that lady.

Did some part of the movie escaped?

replies : AfgSpartacus, instead of looking at the needle, better is to look at its hole... because without hole, there would be no needle...

Thanks for these "Enlightening" words.

But my point was to ask if I/we missed anything useful during that time.


I already answered to you... but you didn't understand me.
I said that it was not important to be focused on this kind of thing. What is important: the events or what is carried by the story, and its effect of you? If this aspect of the events is important for you, you could buy the dvd, perhaps? BTW, I think that this kind of video, on youtube, is not allowed by the law... We have the whole film, thus it's still on sale!!! No?!?

thanks :)

* not positive, but i think at the time it was considered an Indian kingdom, but is nowadays Nepal.

replies : Nope Nepal was not part of India at all as everybody thinks!
India even claimed that Lord Buddha was born in India and created fake lumbini in India until my country Nepal showed the evidence on Buddha's in real Lumbini where he was born, in Nepal.

I didn't say Nepal was a part of India. I am referring to Shakya.

part 3

* The part where the baby was born made me laugh a little. Its a really good movie though.

part 4

* He does a pretty good job here. His accent actually sound believable. The little boy's father is so annoying. He always looks so depressed.

* The palace shown is the Bhaktapur which is in Nepal known for its temples and palaces. one of the city of kathmandy valley.

* The tune and the song the girl is singing is so beautiful! I too, am wondering where she might be coming from in the world. As far as i know, the sitar she's playing is of indian origin.

* His accent is not funny! I think he's perfect in this movie.

* His accent is not funny! I think he's perfect in this movie.

* This is a really good movie

* keanus's accent is so funny!

part 5

* budha learned sumthing wich was already there.wich hindus never realized or experienced.cuz hindus were taken away from such things by brahmins by restricting the knowledge to only themselves nd not to everyone.thus by protecting their virtue nd future by keeping knowkledge of the great vedas in wich all the answers to all the prob's were already there.vedas talks abt atomic theory.distance of earth from sun.planets.universe.death,karma,cycle of death nd explains the reason wy it all exists

* I keeping thinking, "Those who know, don't
talk. And those who talk, don't know".HHmmm
why monasteries.
To live a monastic life, without 'tasting'
the offers of life, seems strange.
Buddha,lived a full life and then was an
ascetic. Without these experiences,
he would have not had a complete picture of
life. For those who have never had wealth or
have had the pleasure of sexual extacy,it must
be hard to explain, that these are not the
answer to life's happiness like those who have.

* rock on buddha you are now free

* His Holiness Dalai Lama on the similarities between hinduism and buddhism: "Historically, Buddha Sakyamuni was a Hindu. So I would like to call Hinduism and Buddhism twin brothers. Then there are common practices like samadhi and vipassana."

* swami vivekananda at the address of the parliament of religions "Buddhism, the Fulfillment of Hinduism.I am not a Buddhist, as you have heard, and yet I am. If China and Japan and Sri Lanka follow the teachings of the Buddha, India worships him as God incarnate on earth."

* So Buddism was not spread through military conquest and persecution like other religions? Hmm.

* greatest

* Thanks for sharing ...!

* thanks for this. it's interesting, i'd prefer them to give sources of the info they're giving

part 6

* I'm studying Buddhism in university now and this movie does a pretty good job. Although I think they did not explain why the prince could never see old age, sickness and death (the prophecy that if he did he would become a Buddha).

* Check out my BBC documentry of the Life of Buddha. It's more accurate.

* great music in this movie.

* sidharth didn't come back to critisize father...he left the town and everything he saw dead...telling his companion to return back...i am just adding something...

part 7

* that snake thing was pretty cool

* meditation can not be learnt...hantey

* How he learn to meditate?

part 9

* Yeah,Keanu Reeves plays Prince Siddhartha also as Neo from the Matrix trilogy!

* "car broken sir?"
"very bad karma" hehehe I liked tha

* Such behavior of a reincarnation candidate of a Lama is appalling! She can't be the real Lama Dorgen.

part 10

* the demon army try to kill buddha .and buddha win. for sin.

* Keanu is the perfect choice. Else it would be Hrithk Roshan...

Its perfect... Thanks Keanu and the crew for making this....

Guys be Thanksful for them cz they made it and its Sucessful. Stop giving t comments. if u want someone else to act in it... then u all produce a movie... putting sharukh Khan or who ever u want....

* It doesn't matter if Keanu was 'part Asian'. His East Asian ancestry doesn't mean he looks Indian, which is what the Buddha was. It's ridiculous that Buddha is played by a white man who has to put on black face in order to play the Buddha. It just looks stupid. I guess it's ironic that making a movie about the greatest ever Indian, and they couldn't even find an Indian actor to play the role, so stick a white guy and put brown make up on his face instead!

* i love this movie, thanks for sharing!

* FANTASTIC!!! Thank you PowerOfDivine

* A profound depiction of a man's mastery over the Matrix.

* yeah, and he met The Architect too.

part 13

* Someone told me "A book comes to you when you are ready to read it". The same happened to me with this movie; it brought peace and understanding to my life when I needed it the most. Thank you for sharing the knownledge with all of us...

* Thanks ALOT for this. Hope you upload more movies like this.

Thanks. Beautiful Movie. :)

* thank you for uploading this movie. I seen it years ago while i was still a teen. seeing it again makes more sense to me.

* budda word mean be friend to all human bean

* This movie was very moving and deep.
Thank you for posting this Beauty.
It enriches us.
Many Thanks and Blessings to you...

* at the end of the movie i started to powerful

* This movie is just there to ease in the whole reality of death to you.

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