Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Miracle Picture of Krishna

This video is a real treat with the miracle picture of Krishna filmed by Sacisuta dasa. Sacisuta dasa relates his personal experience regarding this miraculous picture, he says :

In 1994 while I was a Pujari in the Issaquah Temple, I had this picture of Govinda on the wall of my mobile trailer. At the same time in many locations around the world milk was appearing from various deities especially in the form of Ganesh. Milk appeared at the base of the floor where this picture hung. At least six times I cleaned milk up from the base of this picture. It got to the point where I chastised Krishna in this picture form and told Him I was tired of cleaning the milk on the floor. After that no more milk appeared.

This statement is factual.... Sacisuta dasa

The audio used is with the permission and courtesy of:
(c) The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc.

Few comments regarding this video from you tube :

Peace. Praise be to Lord Vishnu!

Thank you for your nice comment to Lord Vishnu!

* please explain the miracle?

There is no scientific explanation, milk appeared from the picture with no other cause than Sri Krishna in the form of that picture.

* SacisutaDasa, i am having difficulty in seeing where the milk is coming from, could you point it out to me please?

Thank you. Indeed God does work in mysterious ways. Peace, my friend.

* Hare Krishna Hare Rama :) Which place?

* wow..thanks alot for givin' the chance to see the divine photo

Hare Krsna Prabhujee... would you please point me where´s the milk?... and in wich temple is that sacred picture?... Pranams... Ys, Radha Gokulananda Dasa

* The milk is no longer visible. This Video was taken of the picture as it is today. This Picture was at the Seattle Temple property when the milk appeared.

I would have licked up the milk!

* "Krishna, your mother doesn't work here" ^^ That's a great story. I've heard of similar things, like statues crying and bleeding etc, but never milk. That's neat.

i don't get it

* Krsna, Krsna!
It is a beautiful picture either way. I have never seen this before is there anywhere to find a copy of this picture?

Jai Shri Ram ...WOWOWOW nice picture...i would have saved up all the milk in a cup and drank all !!! JAI SHRI RAM !

* Jai Shri Ram . i really want that picture !

Hare Krsna, Hare Rathe,Hare Bahagavan.

* I would have drank it!

Gouranga!Haribol!!!!Hare Krishna!

* Milk or no milk, the picture is extraordinary! Thanks for posting it.

You are a lucky guy, dont have to buy milk anymore, and at this time that you pay $4 per gallon thats a real miracle

* HELLO nice picture.

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  1. hare krishna. krishna is an ocean of love mercy and miracles so no wonder.