Saturday, May 10, 2008

Titwala Maha Ganesh Mandir

Titwala is a small bustling town in Thane district that houses the legendary Maha Ganesha temple. Titwala is known as a holy centre for its renowned Maha Ganesha and Shri Vithal - Rakumai temple. According to the legend, following a prolonged period of disagreement, it was here in this very place that King Dushyant married Devi Shakuntala after sincerely propitiating the Maha Ganesha idol which was consecrated by sage Kanva.

It so happened that after a period of time this ancient sacred idol vanished with out a trace. It was only later in the 18th century when the Peshwa of that time was constructing a lake, the idol was retrieved while excavating. The Peshwa then consecrated the idol and reinstated the temple on the bank of the lake.

With passing time this temple has gained prominence as the temple deity is renowned to bless couples with happy marital bliss by settling marital conflicts between them provided the deity is propitiated sincerely and with strict religious observance. When worshiped regularly the Maha Ganesha is known to bless one’s heart’s content by fixing their marriage with the desired person of their choice.

A little away from the Maha Ganesh temple is the Shri Vithal - Rakumai temple. The fascinating thing about this temple is that one can be present in this temple and hear the holy ongoing bhajans that are sung in the temple of Pandharpur which is more than 100miles away, by placing one’s ear against the iron tube which is connected to a “Gaumukh” (sculpted cow head) constructed within the sanctum of this temple.

Sankashtis, Ganesh Chaturthi, Maghi Chaturthi and Tuesdays are the endearing days to Lord Ganesha, hence on these days one will find devotees flocking in numbers to pay their homage to their favorite holy deity.

One can also visit the temple of Sri Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon on the way to the Maha Ganesha temple. You can enjoy a Tonga ride to the shrine or opt for a shared auto instead. There are many devotees who choose to walk a good 3 Km from the railway station to offer their respects to the shrine. Titwala is well connected to Mumbai via local trains. It is the third station on Kalyan to Igatpuri route.


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