Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Dose a soul chose its own Parents?

Have you ever pondered upon the thought whether if the soul has the choice to choose its own parents before its birth? Well if you are still ambiguous about this hypothesis then the following video will help you to unravel this mystery.
Dr Acharya Shree Yogeesh asserts that the soul has got the freedom of choice to choose its own parents depending upon the karmas amassed by that soul. If the soul has accumulated sat (good) karmas then it has the freedom of choice to choose its parents in accordance to its wish, but on the other hand if the soul has accumulated Ku (bad) karmas then the soul is not entitled to that freedom of choice and has to reap the consequences of those karmas. Acharya Shree further talks about the truth of karma and karmic theory.

Hence one could say that in a way we are our own parents, as we give birth to ourselves by our own free will in accordance with whatever we wish to be, whether a man or a woman, sculpting ourselves to the teaching of virtue or vice.

Soul choose its own Parents? Spiritual Karma Reincarnation

Here are some comments from you tube :

* excellent video

* LOL, if this is true I need to have a serious talk with my higher self! LOL Seriously though, this was a really good video. I particulary like how you pointed out how you can choose the parents or karma picks them for you. Have you done a video on soul families or past lives? I should check your website first before asking, hehe i will go have a peek.

* my father was a alchalolic and died from this but when i think of him i not look at his action he do but at his heart im sure he had very old soul cus he had such a inner calm he was my rock when he was around even if he was so drunk he never liked to punish us children he was such nice good heart man and i learn lots from him pity he was lost in the whisky. lol i like at the start when you take a big breath thanks for lifting my spirit i was having a mixed day untill i saw you thanks :)

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